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with the very latest tonight. what can you tell us. >>reporter: well we are live at the corner of north calvert and east meddle street. people who live in the neighborhood call it a dangerous intersection. they say car accidents happen here frequently and of course the latest crash involved michael phelps. now police say a woman driving a honda accord ran a red light and crashed into phelps cadillac escalade suv. now it happened just before 9:00 o'clock last night. police say the honda driver was shaken up. a witness snapped this picture of phelps at the scene sitting on the ground talking with police. he was not hurt. and neither were the 2 passengers. now witnesses say the impact struck the parked car and took out a mailbox at the corner. man walking his dog saw the crash and phelps when he stepped out of the vehicle. >> he was holding his back and limping but they offered himmel attention he said no i'm actually fine. he was walking around bare foot which i thought was a little odd but he was all right. >>reporter: now in 2004 phelps pled guilty to drunk driving charge. mar
joins to us explain. >> reporter: jeff, fox45 news has learned tonight officer phrase mccystock is now on administrative duty. her begun and police powers have been taken away as an internal investigation gets underway. the story unfolded last february when officer mckissock reported joseph forestest tried to get her gun during a scuffle. forrest was arrested and charged with assaulting an officer. however, after the officer testified last week, the charges were dropped. >> in our mind, it was inconsistent, there were discrepancies. >> but we knew going in that she had given contradictory statements. >> reporter: although the charges against forrest were dropped in baltimore city, he remains in jail because he was wanted on a warn in howard county. kathleen cairns, fox45 news at 5:30. >> thanks, kathleen. police are currently looking for a montgomery county shoplift. the problem is they don't know if they're looking for a man or a woman. this person stole a $2,000 chanel dress from saks fifth avenue last week. security cameras caught the entire thing and store workers actually tried to
right now also down to the south of us and the park and andarundle county west of annapolis with heavy rain and back to randall town and reece town and another cell making its way in wood lawn security square area. take note of that because a lot of lightning with it. charged up atmosphere with the heat. over 1,000 strikes since the last hour in the central maryland year. so looking at a lot of activity over parts of andarundle county, baltimore city, baltimore couldn't. under severe thunderstorm warning right now for andarundle county until 6:30 p.m. baltimore city until 6:15 p.m. looking at severe thunderstorm warning until 6:15 in baltimore county. harper couldn't and carol couldn't until circumstances:15. under the severe thunderstorm warning for the next 45 minutes across much of central maryland. 10 to track the storms and coming up in a bit. >> talk to you in a few more enlts. elderly man mean team recovering from a beating that occurred this morning in south baltimore. it's a hate crime. keith jones with us more on the top story tonight. >>reporter: police say the 76-ye
lapped avenue. police tell us one person was shot. we have a crew on the way to the scene and we of course bring you more information as it becomes available. >>> mean time the shooting of man in northwest baltimore is now a homicide investigation. victim was shot around 1:30 this morning in the 4400 block of bell avenue. man later died from the injuries. police are still looking for suspects. >>> massive fire at row of town homes in essex left 30 people homeless tonight. investigators are labeling the blaze an accident. kathleen joins us now with more. kathleen. >>reporter: it is blamed on a candle that fell off a nightstand. luckily nobody was hurt but half dozen units destroyed. late night fire ripped through the town homes on spice wood court quickly. luckily everyone was able to escape from the flames. this place resident spent most of the day trying to salvage the few items not destroyed by the fire. >> i thank god i was not in there and i thank god i'm alive today. material things can be replaced. boy, this is hard. >>reporter: the complex management is helping di
. john joins us with the latest on this bizarre story. john? >>reporter: police say the suspect was shot and wounded was on the floor of a convenience store for about half hour before officers discovered he was still alive. happened early saturday morning on garrison boulevard in northwest baltimore. police say 51-year-old michael quarrel had broken into the store he was, he was shot in the head after he lunged at an officer with a screw driver. the officer thought he was wield ago knife. he was declared dead at the scene by paramedic but police later called for them to return when they noticed the man on the floor was moving. >> how can you come and check a guy and then you say he's dead and then you leave then come to find out he's alive? >> this is a very, very serious matter for us and it's our hope that within the next few days we'll have all the information that we need. >>reporter: michael quarrel is listed in critical condition at sinai hospital. the paramedic who initially declared the man dead has been placed on administrative duties until this investigation is compl
the harbor with the very latest. >>reporter: police sources tell us that surveillance camera have not been helpful. that's because it was so crowded here when that shooting occurred on saturday night. still they say they do have several leads in the case. midday monday. >> i don't think i would be coming down here for dinner. >>reporter: carter from north carolina. >> maybe after dark i would be more concerned. >>reporter: many tourist are talking about the shooting inside the light street pavilion saturday night. police say it was a gang feud that led to the gunfire. the mayor blames weak state law and lenient judges for churning out repeat offenders. >> they were carrying weapons on them. that's why we keep focusing on the legislation at the state to give some to deal with illegal guns. i guarantee you they caught that guy he would have been out the next day. slap on the hand. >>reporter: police say they are not increasing patrols. instead they are changing tactics and being more aggressive. >> we need to be vigilant. >>reporter: officials at harbor place tonight say that they
the influence of drugs or alcohol, or if he had been texting or using his cell phone. but they found no evidence of any of those things. they also added it is possible the sun played a role but they have no concrete evidence to believe that was a factor either. >> there's no conclusions as to. that the operator says he didn't see them. we don't have any evidence that suggests otherwise. >>reporter: with the attorney representing both families just a while ago he says while the families are satisfied with the investigation, they are not happy with the mta and coming up later tonight we tell uc they are already talking about filing a lawsuit. leave in lutherville, fox 45 news at 5:30. >>> 2 overnight shootings leave 5 people injured tonight. the first occurred in the 200 block of dallas court before 11:30 last night. police arrived on the scene to find 2 men shot one in the face. the other in the foot. both are expected to be okay. >>> 3 people were shot about an hour later in the 3700 block of glen moore avenue in northeast baltimore. police say one victim shot in the back. o
'clock. live from the inner harbor, this is fox 45 news at 5:30. >>> that brings us to our question of the day. did police act appropriately in the arrest of raven linebacker tony fine. go to our web site and tell us what you think. response could air tonight on fox 45 news at 10:00. police try to crack down on gang activity at the inner harbor, ex gang member gives us some insight on what could happen next with baltimore feuding gangs. he was a member of the latin king. he spent 12 years in federal prison. now he worries baltimore gangs are viewed as out of control and they may face retaliation from national gang leaders. >> these guys don't have protocol. one gang pops up and they form this pirate group of guys that say they are blood then they form the neighborhood click and they say they are the cip s. these guys really don't have infrastructure. >>reporter: larry also predicts there could be trouble when schools reopen and gangs converge on campus. we'll have more on that story tonight at 10:00. >>> baltimore couldn't man is found dead shot several times inside his home and tonig
>> this isn't the flu that we are used to. >> major concern over h1n1. why the virus is so dangerous. >>> hundreds of state workers will be losing their jobs. the millions being cut out of the state budget. >>> creeping back toward temperatures in the 90's. when that well happen and the next time we will see storms in my sky watch forecast. >>> and the very private place one woman tried to smuggle 2 pounds of cocaine into baltimore. >>> good evening. >> we begin net with heightened concern about the h1n1 virus also known as the swine flu. >> now predicted that tips of thousands of americans could die from the flu virus this fall. whitehouse panel says swine flu could send almost two million people in the u.s. to the hospital. virus could kill between 30,000 and 90,000 people. one medical people in the u.s. have already gotten sec with swine flu and infection may rise as kids go back to school. vaccine is being created right now. white house expects the first round of shots will cover as many as 40 million people. >> this flu is active. it is not only in countries arou
us gps record show davis was in compliance at the time of the shooting. some are saying the records even indicate davis was at home or at least his tracking device was. also being studied very closely the video captured by a pole camera of the july 2nd shooting. tavis defense attorney says as far as he can tell, the shooter in this video isn't wearing a gps anklet. in an exclusive interview i sat down with a company representative from secure track. the company that provides and monitors the devices for the department of juvenile services. i asked what steps are typically taken if a juvenile under gps monitoring is accused of committing a crime? >> if there is a cream there are many times they come back to us and say can you run the points for this particular year and we can tell them if there have been use, youth or adult depending on the program have been in the particular area and how long they were there. >>reporter: we also spoke with a secretary of juvenile services about the incident involving la mont davis. secretary donald says he sat down for hours with representativ
. joy joins us with the latest on the story tonight. joy. >>reporter: well jeff there has been a lot of criticism since the arrest of 17-year-old la mont davis. juvenile offender under gps monitoring. right now davis is behind bars but this time he's charged as an adult with attempted murder. following the shooting 5-year-old raven wyatt and another juvenile. just since a month since the shooting the man who oversees the department of juvenile services agrees to sit down and openly discuss gps monitoring and whether technology is an effective tool in keeping the public safe. >> this is a tool to increase accountability of our workers and to increase accountability of those youth themselves to let them know that every moment of the day in real time we are tracking them and making sure that they are abiding by their provisions of supervision. >>reporter: but there are limitations. tonight at 10:00 we have more for you from that interview. plus the company that owner the gps devices weighs in. this is fox 45 news at 5:30. >>> neighborhood in baltimore and indeed across the country
us about this story, keith. >>reporter: live in the 7900 block of sea breeze. the stench is so bad on this street it gets in your nose. of course your eyes. gets in your eyes as well. smell is coming from that house behind me. animal control workers say they were up to their ankle in dog feces inside that house. now neighbors say they have been complaining about the smell and howling of dogs at that house for nearly a year. a call this morning to the andarundle county hotline got results. health officials and police say an elderly woman had 19 dogs inside the house and 2 dogs in a trailer. all of them severely malnourished and suffering from wovrms and other illnesses. animal control rescued the animals as neighbors watch in disbelief. >> i can't imagine. i actually cid when i saw the condition of these dogs. none like out of the 21, 3 had hai hair. there were 3 pregnant ones and there were 6 week old puppy. i can't imagine a 6 week old puppy going through that. didn't have a stitch of hair on it. >>reporter: we are back here live where health officials have remove the
. tropical storm danny is gathering strength and well on its way to becoming a hurricane. vytas joins us with the very latest on the storm's path. vytas? >>reporter: taking a look at tropical storm danny gaining strength over the atlantic. winds at 58 miles per hour gusting to 69 miles per hour and the track of the storm is going to be taking it off the coast of the united states. looks like it's making land fall up to nova scotia, canada but for us over the weekend towards saturday then sunday we are watching this closely because the storm could become category 1 strength by the time it reaches off the coast line of the del mar but areas along the coast will be getting republic current and some gusty winds and we could even see wrap around storms from this as we get through late friday night and saturday. how this is affecting the weekend plans out here at the state fairgrounds coming up in just a bit. >>> thanks so much. you can track danny with fox 45 sky watch hurricane tracker available at fox fox 45 doppler radar to track coming storms. go to our we
at can you use fox 45's doppler radar to track any storms. just go to fox >> ed ten di, one of the most influential senators in u.s. history died after fighting brain cancer. he was considered a lion of the senate a champion of the people. >> senator edward kennedyantments are pouring in. not just from liberales who considered him a hero but also political foees who called him a friend. >> with flags around washington flying at half staff and senator edward kennedy's capitol hill office sitting empty, lawmakers traded in politics for personal stories about the passing of the revered elder statesman. >> for decades to come, history will talk about his legislative accomplishments an the difference he made in public poll system for me, i lost my best friend in the senate. just a great friend. >> kennedy was diagnosed with a prune tumor last may. the president says even though everyone knew this day was coming it is still hard it lose a colleague, counselor and friend. >> for his family, we was a garden. for america, he was the defender of a tea
for his performance. and that is drawing criticism from the teacher's union. john rydell joins with us more. >> it is clearly written in his contract that the doctor can earn up to $30,000 a year in bonuses if he made substantial progress in turning the school system around. members of the school board say numbers speak for themselves. the chairman says dr. a lonz o made great strides since becoming c.e.o. two years ago. and the doctor received a similar bonus a year ago. the head of the baltimore teachers union was upset and said at a time when teachers do more with less, the doctor should have to do without the bonus. >> here when we are at the best headquarters ever and not to receive any compensation for that. and then somebody else's care. it did not sit well. >> everything has been through the roof. graduation rates increasing. drop-out rates decreasing. >> doctorate was unavailable to comment today. and neil who chairs the school board says similar bonuses were included in the contract of previous c.e.o.'s. john rydell fox 45 news at 5:30. >> the question of the day does the bal
reporter joins us with the the scene first on fox. >> friends and neighbors are calling this death tragic. what started out as a commercial robbery is tonight's being investigated as a homicide as well. the robbery happened two weeks ago at frank's business along south wake wood avenue in canton. police say when they arrived at the scene, they found frank tied and bound and money was mission. it is suspected that the incident caused frank to have a stroke. he died earlier this week. >> we're exploring people that had knowledge of the business. at this point i don't want to box in the detectives but they have some pretty good leads. >> i'm scared as hell. if it happens over there, it could easily happen over here. >> detectives did return to the scene today. so far, there have been no arrests. >> fox 45 news at 5:30. >> okay, joy residents continue the fight against violence. residents in baltimore where a 5-year-old girl was shot are holding a cop walk this evening. the attorney defending the teenager accused of the shooting released this surveillance video. he says it raises questions ab
dangerous conditions for the el kerl and people who have to work outside. john joins us live from north baltimore with the latest on the heat wave. john? >>reporter: well the sweltering conditions have resulted in some marked train delay this afternoon on the brunswick and camden line and thousands of other baltimore people day 2 of code red has resulted in plenty of misery. for most of this summer those who earn their leaving outside have been spared. but crews working on northern parkway knew this day would come. the sweltering heat is taking it's toll. >> you are going to cut off work early today. >> yes. >>reporter: because of the heat. >> it's too hot. too much for my guys. >>reporter: city cooling center on york road and go van. >> we are on our last case right now. >>reporter: hottest commodity is on ice. it is going quickly. >> we have quite a few people coming in. they are looking to cool off and also asking for the water. mostly the water. to cool them off. >> had a but sir. >>reporter: but anthony snow ball stand the heat is good for business. >> sure that's enou
. joy joins us live outside police headquarters. >> reporter: calvin lockner's nickname is hitler. he's being held without bail after police say he brutally attacked an elderly african-american man who was merely minding his own business. 76-year-old james and his wife have bought to this baltimore city many times but never did a fishing trip end in violence, that is until tuesday morning. >> you don't walk away of somebody's that old getting their brains beat out by a bunch of punks. >> reporter: a group of men jumped him as he was loading his truck. detail how this man calvin lockner a self pro claimed white sue preplist, shouting out racial slurs, police a lockner and the others beat him with a bat kicking and punching him, robbing him of money and then taking his truck. >> you need to nail them and make him like these gangs that we've had trouble with. same thing. long jail times will fake care of that. >> reporter: he managed to make it to a business and call 911. his wife tells us she was with him minutes before the attack but had left in a separate car to go home. she had been
at some town hall meetings. he's not here. they tell us he's out of the country on official business but protest are still here. they are calling it a town hall meeting without the town hall. they are standing on the streets. with their signs at least 100 people standing in opposition to the health care reform proposal. this is part of the group that helped organize this you are with the belaire tea party coalition. i tell you what, what is the opposition all about. what is wrong with the proposal in your opinion. >> we are not so much against obama as we are against big government. people don't want the government a bigger government than we have. we want them to back off us. stop telling us how to do it. >>reporter: what is wrong with the people don't just have health care. what is wrong with the government of the president trying to get them coverage. >> we are short of doctors no now. 50 million more people to the roll. how in god name are we going to cover everybody? wait months and months to get to a doctor. won't be getting the health care we need. won't get any. >>
in may goes on trial. court insiders tell us the young suspect is expected to enter a plea on the manslaughter charge. wooden cross marks the spot where christopher jones was killed. 2 teenagers are facing charges. meanwhile there is a movement under way to stop the gang activity in crofton. victim's parents want to open a faith base teen center. neighbors say a bigger police presence has already brought change. >> anything positive is a positive thing so the neighborhood seems nicer. people say hi to each other more often now than before. >>> trial for the juvenile is slated for 9:00 o'clock tomorrow morning and big crowd is expected. >>> boating accident in andarundle county leaves one man dead. happened last night on barley creek and glen byrne. 2 boats collided. the victim was alone on his boat. a father and daughter were in the other vessel which capsized. they are expected to be okay. neighbors say he was well known throughout the community. >> type of guy he would do anything for you. he was just a good all around man. >> great loss believe me right now. >
yesterday. this after contraband cell phones behind bars have been used in the past for drug deal, prison escape even murder. bill co-sponsored by maryland senator now goes to the full senate. >>> we want to jam the criminals so we are going to jam the cell phones they have out there organizing more violence. >> opponent of the measure say it could interfere however with legitimate phone calls and emergency communication. >>> some people are still making good money in this recession on your deem. according to figures just released to fox 45 news from the fen department city employees earn 59 million dollars in overtime last year alone. baltimore police force paid out the most. 27 million dollars in overtime to the officers including one officer who raked in more than 100 grand just in o t. >> it's hard to look at a number and think any human being is capable of working those kind of hours. >> over time is an effective way to combat crime. >>reporter: find out more tonight in our cover story over time pay off on fox 45 news at 10 tonight jo protest getting louder over president obama h
Search Results 0 to 20 of about 21